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Bonfire and Fireworks Night 2019 FAQs

Date: October 28, 2017 Author: admin Categories: Events

We are nearly there.  The final countdown to this years bonfire event.  We are proud and delighted to again be working with Chorlton Fireworks . So here’s a few details to get you firework night ready.  We like to be helpful.

When and where
Monday 04 November. Gates at 5pm, bonfire lighting 5.30pm, fireworks at 6.30pm.  The field at Cavendish Community Primary School, West Didsbury, Cavendish Road, South Manchester, M20 1JG.

Adults £4.  Children £2.  Under 2 Free.  Tickets are available before the event and on the gate.  Arrive as early as you can to make sure you get in.  We offer mucho gratefulness for bringing correct change.

There is no onsite parking.  Walk if you can.  Work up an appetite for a visit to the outdoor food stalls.  Nearest Metrolink stop is Burton Road.

Oh yes.  Plenty of food. Axons hot dogs and veggie hot dogs aaaaaand this year sees the return of the hot baked spud.  Hurrah! There’s also going to be a cake stall and the Cavendish Tuck Shop will be open for business.  Free hugs for people bringing plenty of correct change!

All drinks aimed at keeping you toasty warm.  Tea, coffee and hot choccy. Bottled and canned soft drinks too.  THIS IS A NO ALCOHOL EVENT.  Please leave it at home.

Sadly not.  No sparklers please. Too much health and safety stuff to list.  Woolly hats, scarves, mittens and wellies are of course most welcome.

No pets on site please.  Sight and hearing dogs welcome.

I know.  A successful event makes them rather inevitable.  We naturally do our best, but sometimes there might be a little wait here or there.  The rockets are all there on their own time.  No-one is paid.  Please be nice.  If you are queuing a while, I can fully recommend starting a sing song.  Ten green bottles anyone?

Thank you!
Well, it goes without saying, but I’m going to say it anyway. ENORMOUS thanks to the brilliant families of Cavendish and those in our local communities for coming along on the night and being part of it, waiting patiently in queues and eating cake a plenty.  We are so grateful, from the bottom of our welly boots to the tops of our bobble hats that you turn out in your droves to make the event great. Thank you.


The one thing that we can’t organise is the weather.  But we shall be there rain or dry.  The nicer the weather, the more busy we are likely to be, so head on down early.  Gates open at 5pm.  As a prediction we’re going optimistic.  Our hope is dry weather with a cheerful autumn brrrr in the air.  All ready for a hot spud and a nice cup of hot chocolate.

Lost Children

There is a lost child point on site.  Look out for it as you arrive

More information

The best place to get the latest information is via Twitter and Facebook.  Search for Cavendish PTA.  See you all there.