'Cavendish Club'

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‘Cavendish Club’

In the 2013/2014 school year Cavendish PTA is starting the ‘Cavendish Club’

What is the ‘Cavendish Club’?

The ‘Cavendish Club’ is a mini-lottery organised and promoted by Cavendish PTA. It is an easy and, hopefully, successful fund-raiser as 50% of the proceeds goes to your PTA and the balance is returned in prize money.

How Does It Work?

We are inviting families and staff to set up a monthly subscription by Standing Order to Cavendish PTA for a “number”. Each number costs £3/month. There is no maximum number of “numbers” you can subscribe to.

50% of the money received each month will be given out in prizes, and Cavendish PTA will retain the remainder, to be allocated to school projects.

Every month, all of the “numbers” will be entered into a draw and the first 3 numbers drawn will receive a cash prize. The prize money will vary each month depending on the subscriptions received that month.

So, for example, if 100 people pay £3 per calendar month, it raises £300.

£150 will be given out in prizes through a draw,(1 * £60 + 2 * £45) and the remaining £150 will retained by your PTA to allocate to school projects.

Who Can Join?

Membership is open to all parents and carers/guardians of pupils at Cavendish Community Primary School, all staff at the school and to their relatives over the age of 18.

How Do I Join?

We are accepting applications for the ‘Cavendish Club’ now, with the first draw to take place in April 2014.

  • Download and complete the application form.
  • Return your completed form to your PTA via the school office and we will collate and process them on your behalf.
  • Cavendish PTA will subsequently notify you of your allocated number(s).
  • Watch out for the monthly draws, to take place within the school, to see if you’re a winner.
  • Winners will be notified monthly via email. *

Subsequent debits and draws will take place monthly.

There are no minimum terms or tie ins; You may cancel your subscription at any time, simply by instructing your Bank/Building Society to cancel your Standing Order.

More Info

If you have any queries or questions in the interim, please contact your PTA Treasurer.

* Prize winners will be notified via email (unless specified otherwise). Prizes must be claimed within 28 days of the draw. Winners names may be included on the Cavendish PTA website, Cavendish Community Primary School website and/or school newsletters, text alerts and other official correspondence, and may also be linked to via other social media forums run by Cavendish PTA and/or Cavendish Primary School. Please let the PTA know at the time of application if you do not consent to this.

Full Terms and Conditions available on request.

The ‘Cavendish Club’ is promoted by Cavendish Primary School PTA (Cavendish PTA), c/o Cavendish Community Primary School, Cavendish Road, West Didsbury, Manchester M20 1JG, as a Private Lottery in accordance with guidelines set down by the Gambling Commission.