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The next PTA meeting for 2021/2022 will take place on

1st week in July 2022

In the Rhodes Building at the school Time TBC

All parents, guardians, carers and staff are welcome to attend PTA Meetings and contribute ideas.

It’s always difficult to find a day and time that accommodates all parents, guardians and staff. Some parents and staff would prefer to meet straight after school whereas others don’t get home from work until 7pm or later; Others works shifts.

We’ve considered changing the times of PTA meetings several times, however the majority of respondents still prefer early evening.

We try to alternate between Tues/Weds early evenings. If you would like to suggest alternatives, please contact us. We’re always open to new ideas!

If you can’t attend a meeting, but would like to contribute ‘by proxy’ you can always relay details via any member of the committee.

Staff requests for funds must be applied for in person at a PTA meeting.

Cavendish PTA would genuinely like to hear from you… All feedback and suggestions are always welcome.

Meeting Minutes

All Cavendish PTA meeting minutes from 2011 onwards are available online.

Previous Meeting Minutes


Cavendish PTA’s AGM is held annually, in September, to coincide with the financial year. A summary of the accounts (October – September) is presented by the Treasurer at the AGM and is subsequently available via the Charity Commission website, or by contacting the PTA Treasurer.


In volunteering to support your PTA, we recognise that you may incur some out of pocket expenses. Cavendish PTA will endevour to cover all expenses in advance where appropriate. Should you have any expenses that you wish to claim back from the PTA, please send us the original copies of receipts/invoices and we will reimburse you promptly.

Please note that expenses over £100 must be agreed in advance with the Treasurer and/or other member of the committee.

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